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Hi, like my name is Celine and this is my web page, my dad helped me with this page (he is cool!)and he might help me change the picture,  the picture I have many nice pictures and my dad might help me scan them on the scan them add them here to my dad rocks), this past summer I went to the P.N.E. On Aug. 17th Tracy Hair, Toby Reams, Dan Reams our chaperone and I left for the P.N.E. Ten o'clock that morning the three of us and our three dogs headed up to Whitehorse, to fly to Vancouver.  Our drive up to Whitehorse seemed short to me because we talk all the way.  At Teslin we stopped to eat lunch and let our dogs out.  We ate and then jumped back into finish our truck ride.  When we got to Whitehorse Dan had to go into the dentist so the three of us went to Rotary  Peace Park to do some dog training.  As soon as we got there Nugget (Toby's dog) decided  to run after a loose dog.  We were all worried at first but he was soon caught. After that we did some shopping and then went out to Mary Gamberg's house.  There we would spend the night.  After chatting we went to bed to get a good night's rest because we had a flight early the next morning.
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