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This is the story of my 1978 KZ650 that I purchased new in 1979 in Toronto. Together with this bike I have traveled many miles and have made many happy memories. After I acquired a Honda V65 Magna this bike was retired and only ridden occasionally . But in May 1999 on our 20th anniversary (me and the bike that is) I went for one more trip, the Magna was in the shop anyways. Below is a few photos of this trip, Watson Lake, Yukon to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and return via Edmonton, Northern Saskatchewan and the Liard Highway.  I have many more photos of trips and misadventures with this old bike and hope to get around to adding them to this page. I have about 90,00 km  on the old Kawi now, it is very hard to start when cold now, I think it might have the low compression disease, I have a organ donor parts bike and might swap out the engine some day if the Magna dies.

Night before departure, all loaded up, part of my Jap bike collection

Steamboat on the Alaska Highway,  I endured sticky snow and sleet coming down earlier that day and could only see if I had my glasses off , facesheild open and my nose almost touching the top of the windshield 

This is the famous giant Easter Egg in Vegraville, Alberta

This is one of the places where I ran out of gas, the Kawasaki KZ650 is very well suited to being pushed to the next town in Saskatchewan

NWT boarder, 60th parallel  

On the ferry crossing the McKenzie river

Old plane in Yellowknife

Typical scenic lookout you might find in the Northwest Territories

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CEDAR LODGE MOTEL Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada
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